Undercover customer

Mystery Shopping – is the the

quality assessment method for staff, which is done by the “Undercover customer” who is specially trained and prepared for this purpose. These people must fit the company’s target audience by sex, age, physical or social status, as well as other characteristics because “Mystery shopper” looks at the situation with typical customer’s eyes. “Mystery shopper” have certain objective criteria by which they can describe the situation and the company’s employees – this is an important aspect of this method unlike other methods, for example, a client survey. Before the task they receive detailed instructions on the behavioral patterns and components that are very important. All aspects are described in a special questionnaire which is completed after the company visit.

Using the method of valuation “Mystery shopping” will provide you with the following:

  • information on the level of service in your company;
  • information about the individual employee’s quality of work;
  • information on how customers perceive your company;
  • information about competitors;
  • service quality comparisons with competitors;
  • staff trainings performance evaluation;
  • assessment of your employees’ appearance, how skillfully they are selling / offering
  • We will ask, your own prepared questions, and evaluate sellers knowledge of your products / services
  • in addition we are also able to record conversations on tape recorder or create photo reporting

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